What if WORK could be FUN?

What if WORK could be FUN?

What a novel concept…and one that rarely occurs. Business and a sense of humour are two things that are traditionally mutually exclusive in our society, but what if…

It wasn’t?

What IF we could change that?

Think about your own workplace…(ok, I promise this exercise will be quick for those that really DON’T want to envision their place of work!) Go ahead, close your eyes and go there now.

Ok, got it?

Great, now envision having fun there?What would it look like?How would you feel about getting up and going to work? Would you get more done and feel happier about it?

WOW, eh?

Ok, I’m not a HUGE fan of numbers but these ones are really important:

29% of employers encourage humour as part of their company culture

Of those, only 8% have a policy of using fun to reduce company stress

Now, I’m not a big fan of using a policy to dictate culture…it’s truly there or it isn’t. If it isn’t, you have to use other techniques to develop it vs. mandating it. Having a sense of humour is rated as high as 98% as a quality that most CEO’s look for. My question is, what happened to theirs? The culture is fostered from above and always will be, that’s what leaders are supposed to do but quite often do not.

Laughter, having fun, playing at work have all shown scientifically that people are:

More Creative

More Productive

Better Decision Makers

Get along better with co-workers

Sick, late or absent fewer times than people who aren’t having fun.

So if everyone is having fun, being more productive and more creative which impacts the bottom line in a positive way….Why aren’t we having more fun at work?

What is YOUR Story?

What is YOUR Story?

I thought I knew what my story was? Didn’t I share it enough times with people?

Funny thing…. When I was asked by my coach Sabaina Malik http://sabainamalik.wordpress.com/ what my money story was, I had no idea that within the scope of my life story, there were other stories embedded there.

Stories that held me back, or made me believe in things that weren’t really true, or stories that I simply “inherited” from my family.

I have learned that we are comprised of many stories. Ones that are funny, weird, tragic, and those that help define us as we grow up; but those stories need to progress and change….. just like we do!

So what story do you tell when people ask about you?


Why do we love stories so much?

Why do we love stories so much?

I think it is part of our DNA. I taught at Sheridan College for years, and what I found more impactful than relating facts and figures from notebooks, was sharing my personal experiences in the field of HR.

Often years later I would get notes from past students saying, “I was in the middle of an interview and I remembered what you told us in class” How impactful is THAT?

I love hearing people’s stories and I think something quite magical happens when you both relay a story and when you are listening to one. A connection is made; in a sense the person relating the story is validated and often uplifted by the experience of sharing it, especially if it is a work related, “You are never going to believe what happened to me” kind of story! The person hearing it is also impacted especially if they have experienced a similar type of situation or if they haven’t they can offer support and encouragement. Either way, it’s like a hug or a kiss…….. you both give and get at the same time!

What’s your story? Have you had something uber funny happen to you at work? Then please share it with me! It just might end up in my second edition of Welcome to my Sandbox.

As always, have fun and remember to play “nice” in the sandbox.

Let’s Share our Stories!

I love telling stories. For as long as I can remember, people have confided all kinds of stories to me—even people I had just met. When I was a little girl growing up with my brother, we used to play a game of creating stories about people walking by in the airport while we waited to board a plane to our Grandfathers house. “Oh, that guy is an International Spy and his briefcase has top secret papers in it…. She’s a King Fu Master on her way to train someone.” The stories got wilder by the minute and usually ended up in peels of laughter!  I loved my Brother deeply and in spite of our rough upbringing, we always managed to use our humor to find a way through.

One day I woke up and realized we had drifted apart. We argued almost every time we were together. He was making choices I didn’t agree with and despite my trying to help him, he always thought I was interfering where I shouldn’t have been. Then on a cold day in January he chose to leave us-the weight of the choices he made were too much to bear. Since that time, I’ve been on a personal journey to understand what life must have felt like for him and how to create a lasting tribute. It’s my wish to share his journey, and inspire others to share their own journeys, to make a difference by telling our stories together.

My brother had a great sense of humor—to say that his laugh was contagious is an understatement! His humor brought life and laughter wherever he went. He excelled at every job he took and was always there for people with a helping hand. In spite of this, he always felt alone and suffered through depression for most of his life.

After he left us, I thought about how to capture his essence to inspire others who may at times struggle with the same shadow. I’m writing this book, called “Welcome to my Sandbox”, to share with you what I do best—to listen, and to share. “Welcome to my Sandbox” is a collection of stories that centers on the funny and sometimes weird stuff that happens to us at work. Regardless of the job, we all have stories that we share with our friends and family that usually start with, “You’ll never guess what happened to me at work”.  These stories make us laugh, shake our heads in disbelief, and unite us, after all, everybody laughs the same in every language because laughter is a universal connection.

“Welcome to my Sandbox” is my invitation for you to share with me the stories told in your own sandboxes.  I welcome you to join me in paying tribute to Peter by sharing your story, making people laugh, inspiring hope, and helping us all realize that nobody is ever alone.

You can feel good about submitting your stories too, as 10% of the sales will be donated to mental health charities.